Nicholas Bryan Gatungu, 33 years
When I started my Karate training, I couldn’t help but be awed by the vast array of techniques contained within it.  I trained as hard as I could until I reached a plateau. My vanity made me think that I had learned all there was to know about this wonderful art. This feeling of ‘mastery’ gradually developed into disillusionment, and I considered leaving Karate for good. Fate, however, handed me a second lease of life by reintroducing me to Peter Ombima. A man I credit for showing me that a punch is not just a punch and a kick is not just a kick. He made me appreciate the fact that a belt only serves to hold one’s trousers in place. He is a superb instructor and a wonderful friend.


Eric Omondi, 34 years
Join us and train with one of the best JKS Karate instructors in Kneya, Peter Ombima Sensei. For self defense and sports karate with most of the students in Kenya Karate National Team. Do you want to join Karate SDA is the right Dojo to be.


Katrine Reinhold Folkmann, 30 years:
I joined karate for physical exercise – and boy did I get what I asked for! What I had not expected was also to be learning valuable lessons about the art of patience, keeping a positive mind and being present in the moment. Peter Sensei is an excellent instructor both on a physical and philosophical level, and I highly recommend joining one of his classes.


Frederik Frost Verting, 35 years:
I have always dreamt of learning some self-defense. Karate gives me the opportunity of learning various techniques to defend myself, while getting physical fit. Peter Sensei is a fantastic person and a brilliant instructor, whom I will miss a lot once I will return to Denmark.


Boniface Muswii, 25 years:
Karate has helped me learn how to be disciplined, confident, humble and focused, which has helped me in whatever I do. I am able to to be alert. Thanks to Peter Sensei for it’s all because of him. I can’t wait to see the future of Japan Karate in Kenya. Ossu.